Capturing The Details: Midwest Wedding Photography

Looking For The Little Touches In Our Midwest Wedding Photography

midwest-wedding-photography-treatsOne of our favorite parts of our Midwest Wedding Photography services is capturing those little details that make each individual wedding unique. Every couple has their own story to tell, and you can get a glimpse of their personalities by looking at the way they decorate. Model Citizens Photography takes great care to make sure these personal touches are documented for the happy couple to reflect on for years to come.


Individual Takes On Timeless Themes

Most weddings have similar elements: Cakes, Flowers, Rings, etc. But it’s the little differences in these elements that make each wedding unique. It also gives us the opportunity to get creative in our Midwest Wedding Photography and look for new ways to shoot these items. It’s not always necessary to reinvent the wheel. In fact, sometimes simple is better. But whenever appropriate, we love finding ways to to frame these classic elements in a new way that helps tell the story of your wedding day.





Look At Those Shoes!

Don’t forget the details in what the couple and their party are wearing! From bead work or lacy patterns in the brides dress, to special items worn by the bride or groom, these are all things the couple will want to remember and a big part of our Midwest Wedding Photography services. I’ve yet to meet a bride who didn’t have a special pair of shoes picked out for her wedding. I love finding fun ways to capture these, since they are usually hidden under the dress. All of that working picking out the right pair of shoes, they deserve to be remembered! Of course the dress is the big star when it comes to the clothing, and it can be a lot of fun to get creative with how it’s presented, even if I do get nervous handling such a big part of the day, lol. red-shoes-midwest-wedding-photography



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As you can see, we take a lot of pride in capturing the little things that make your wedding day unique. From the biggest moments to the smallest details, Model Citizens Photography is there every step of the way to ensure you will have beautiful photos to remember this day for the rest of your lives. We would love to hear from you and have the opportunity to tell you more about our Midwest Wedding Photography services. Contact us now and let’s chat!Brannen Wedding (2 of 1)


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