Photography For My Kid’s Party?

“Should I hire a professional to do photography for my kid’s party?” I hear this a lot, so I thought I’d take a minute to give you my take on the subject.

Look, I understand that a photographer trying to convince you that you need to hire a photographer is about as expected as those kamikaze car salesman that seem to appear out of thin air the second you pull in to the dealership. But, the truth is, whether you hire Model Citizens Photography or not, I truly hope you will consider bringing in a professional to document your event for some of the reasons I list below.

“Hey, Where’s Mom/Dad?”

Many parents think they can just take pictures of their child’s party themselves, saving a little coin in the process. Let’s assume the best possible scenario here and say you have a good quality DSLR camera, capable of turning out nice images with resolution suitable for printing later on if you so choose. Let’s even assume you have a bit of experience with your camera and can take some pretty nice photos. Where does that leave you? Behind the camera. This is a big day for your family, one you’ll want to remember years from now. But when you look through the pics, someone is missing! This won’t happen if you hire a pro to document your event. You can relax and enjoy the party and get photos of your family with ALL the family in them!

Hail, hail, the gang's all here!

Hail, hail, the gang’s all here!

“Where’s The Picture Of Her Blowing Out The Candles?”

Anyone who has been to a child’s party knows how hectic they can be. You’ve probably planned lots of fun activities for the kiddies to keep them entertained because, we all know, a bored child is soon to find trouble :P. You’re playing referee, party planner, hostess, caterer, waitress…see where I’m going? Now you’re looking at the photos you pulled off your camera and, “I thought you were taking pictures of (insert once in a lifetime moment).” “No, Bob’s kid dumped juice all over the carpet in the hallway, I was cleaning it up, I thought YOU were handling the pics.” A Pro is not going to miss these moments. If anything, we’re going to capture moments that you may not have even been aware of in the bustle of the day. Imagine your surprise when you receive a photo of a tender moment between your children that you hadn’t witnessed at the party 🙂childrens_party_photography_branson

“Can I Afford Photography For My Kid’s Party?”

Hey, I get it. We all have to watch our budgets these days, and the cost of throwing a party for your child can seem overwhelming as it is. But, if you break down cost versus benefit, I truly believe that you will get the most value from quality photography. Sure, you can spend a lot on a cake and it will look amazing, but, as soon as the day is over, it’s gone. You can drop a small fortune on gifts for the birthday boy or girl, but you’ll be lucky if they’re still using those toys or wearing those clothes 6 months from now. But imagine 20…30, years from now. Your baby is all grown up and going through the family scrap book. Wouldn’t it be nice if they had photos from childhood that they would actually want to frame and hang in their own home, instead of Aunt Renee’s iPhone snapshot?branson_family_event_photographybranson_kids_party_photography


I tried an experiment at a child’s birthday party I was hired to photography recently. I asked one of the other attendants to take some pics and let me use them for a little A/B comparison. Sometimes, seeing really IS believing. Have a look, and see if you think the difference is worth the cost. And while I’m talking cost: Remember, this isn’t wedding photography. We’re not talking thousands of dollars. In fact, most photographers, and certainly Model Citizens Photography, will offer several price points depending on your needs, and will be happy to work with you so that you can have great photos without breaking the bank. So the next time you’re thinking “Can I afford photography for my kid’s party”, think of Model Citizens!

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